Living as the prince of Astoria has its perks; especially for Alexis Devereaux. 

As a black man of royal bloodline, Alexis has little desire of settling down to the noblewoman his parents handpicked. Always searching for his big next thrill, the last thing Alexis expected was to end up married to a gentle giant.

 Declan Pierce can’t catch a break. With a criminal history, the only thing Declan desires is to put his past behind him and open his own tattoo parlor. When a night of passion turns into a drunken elopement the two form a plan that could benefit them both. Being complete opposites, it takes a while for the two to warm up to one another, finding out that marriage might be harder than they thought. Especially when feelings become involved. Can the two learn to trust each other or will they lose out on a chance at falling in love? 

Photo of A Black Non-binary person wearing pink leopard print glasses.  Georgina Kiersten

About The Author

Georgina Kiersten (Rian Fox) is a black non-binary author who was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Living with a disability has given Georgina the ability to see the world in a unique and open way that shines through their writing. When they not writing and reading the latest books, Georgina is a graphic designer by trade and a bit of a geek diving headfirst into the fandom universe. As well as juggling five kids and two dogs.  Look for more of Georgina’s books in the future, specialized in racially diverse LGBTQ romance and erotica.

Cover of The Devil's Bargain by Rian Fox - A shirtless man with olive skin wearing a pair of devil horns and a tail.

Bazaduil lusts for Silas and won’t take no for an answer, even if it means tricking and seducing him. In a life where being told ‘there are no monsters,’ it will be one lie Silas will have to face. Will Silas be able to ignore Bazaduil advances or will he submit to this demon’s twisted agenda?



 Teaming up, supeheroes Nightshade and Spectre soon discover something more sinister to the gang that they weren’t prepared for. As time closes in on taking out the Black Ace Gang, Nightshade and Spectre unexpectedly to grow even closer. Can Nightshade and Spectre face their enemies without losing each other? Or will they lose a chance at finding a partnership in more than a few ways? 


Baltasar Kristofersson is the only descendant left of the once-powerful and respected ‘Einarr’ hunting clan. It was only a chance of fate that allowed Baltasar to survive when the Asar Vampire Coven brutally murdered his entire family. Now, Baltasar  finally has a chance to kill the monster responsible for all of his grief: Izîl Asar, the King of the Asar Coven. 

Unfortunately, to get his revenge, it forces Baltasar to use both his charms and his body to lure Izîl into a trap

A Brief Intermission

A Brief Intermission

Spring has finally sprung and I am so happy that survived the winter in one piece! Right now, I’m not doing a lot on the Romance side of things because I’m working on my Erotica projects. This means that ‘A Princely Problem’ is on a brief hiatus for the month of March...

One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

Happy New Year! I have so many plans and I am still working on my upcoming projects. I have also been super busy trying to balance my work and my family life. My biggest plan is to get 'A Princely Problem' finished. I had planned to finish in December but I got caught...

Switch It Up!

Switch It Up!

Happy Early Valentines Day! I thought since this is the month for Romance that I would give you this email newsletter early. First of all, I am like usual busy, busy, busy! I am working hard on my current projects and on my future projects. This month I am...