a princely problem by georgina kiersten

A Princely Problem by Georgina Kiersten

Publishing Date: TBA 

Living as the prince of Astoria has its perks; especially for Alexis Devereaux. 

As a black man of royal bloodline, Alexis has little desire of settling down to the noblewoman his parents handpicked. Always searching for his big next thrill, the last thing Alexis expected was to end up married to a gentle giant.

 Declan Pierce can’t catch a break. With a criminal history, the only thing Declan desires is to put his past behind him and open his own tattoo parlor. When a night of passion turns into a drunken elopement the two form a plan that could benefit them both. Being complete opposites, it takes a while for the two to warm up to one another, finding out that marriage might be harder than they thought. Especially when feelings become involved. Can the two learn to trust each other or will they lose out on a chance at falling in love? 

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