a green rose darted with drops of red blood in front of a silk green and gray background with the words a vicious thirst by jasper hyde season one.

The Blurb

Death Is Not All That Is Cracked Up To Be

Dracula is an ancient vampire that has no shortage of power and riches. Yet, after centuries of reigning over his people, he grows tired of the drudgery of vampire politics. After his brides leave him and his closest advisors betray him. Dracula leaves the vampire court behind and starts over in the last place someone can find him: Raven Hill Maine.

A Search For Something More

Jonathan Harker has come a long way from the penniless orphan he used to be. He is an up-and-coming attorney with a beautiful fiancé and the stunning heiress Lucy Westenra in their bed. Jonathan knows that most men would be overjoyed with his lot in life, but Jonathan can’t help but feel like something is still missing.

When Drake Alucard, a rich and enigmatic European man comes to town, Jonathan is immediately captivated by the sexy enigmatic stranger. Drake is a client who is way out of his league, but Jonathan can’t help but give in to the undeniable attraction between them. Yet the deeper he falls, the deeper that both Jonathan and his lovers are pulled into a dark world of sensuous delights and immense dangers.

Trigger Warnings



Dubious Consent

Explicit Violence

Blood Play

Implied Sexism


Implied Misgyony