Author Georgina Kiersten is a Black fat non-binary person with a buzz cut and wearing oversized pink leopard pink glasses.

About Georgina Kiersten

JOR-JEE-nuh KEER-sten


Georgina Kiersten is an author known for their wide range of LGBTQ+ romance novels that center around the stories of Black queer and trans individuals. As a Black-disabled trans person who was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to having dyslexia, being autistic, and having ADHD. They have a unique perspective on writing romance. It also drives their passion to create a diverse and inclusive romance genre for everyone.

When they’re not writing (which is rare), they can often be found reading a good book, watching bl dramas, drinking their body weight in tea, and co-parenting their five children, two dogs, and their growing horde of stray cats.