Georgina Kiersten

Georgina Kiersten

LGBTQ+ Romance Author (they/them)

Hello, my name Georgina Kiersten, and I’m a LGBTQ+ Romance Author working on their debut novel, ‘The Bipartisan Affair’ and my novella ‘Bloodright’.  I have always been deeply passionate about the subject of inclusion and diversity in the media.  However, when it came to the LGBTQ+ romance, I was disheartened that the genre I loved was still so very white.  It was one of the many reasons decided to be an Author so I might get a chance to change that.  

I’m also black, disabled, queer, and non-binary and being all of those things have given me a unique perspective on the state of publishing today.  I am proud to say that  I have a long history in the online fandom community and got my start writing inclusive fanfiction stories which I still write to this very day.  

When I’m not writing,  I’m a stay at home parent to a brood of children and my two hyperactive puppies Elmo and Bear.  I also love comic-book movies, geeking out over mythology, and dragging horrible books. 

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