Fun fact: I hate liars. When I meet someone (either on the internet or in real life) I take people at their word. I know it’s naïve, but I really try to see the best in people. Then life comes in and someone rips those rose-colored glasses to show you the monster beneath. This is the case when it comes when Sorcha Rowan.

No, I didn’t know Sorcha, but I know plenty of people in the Erotica community who did and who are hurting from a betrayal never aw coming This is not the tale of someone simply using a pseudonym. There is a difference between using an unfamiliar name and then completely pretending to be a whole other person. Especially when the person you pretend to be is part of an already marginalized community.

I created a pseudonym, Rian Fox, to separate my ‘Romance’ and my ‘Erotica’ author brands, but at the end of the day, I’m still Gigi Kiersten. I always try to authentically present myself to the world.

This wasn’t the case with Sorcha. Sorcha or rather Scott Roche. I am exposing his predator because it’s necessary. People like Sorcha are the reason I do these types of posts because evil thrives in darkness. And don’t get it twisted, what Sorcha did and continues to do as Scott Roche is pure evil.


Scott Roche aka Sorcha Rowan - A white middle age man with a salt and pepper hair and a rescinding hair line in a blue shirt and sunglasses.

Scott Roche AKA Sorcha Rowan

Sorcha’s tale is typical. He is married with a child and works in a thankless job that he hates. Sorcha is practically a character out of ‘The Office’. However, his online life is a little more fantastic. According to his about page on his Scott Roche author website, he is an award-winning Podcaster, Voice-Over Artist, Fiction Editor, Blogger, and Author.

Sorcha’s biggest claim to fame is as both a Writer and Producer on the podcast novel ‘Archangel’, then that blossomed into in producing two other audio dramas from ‘Murder at Avedon Hill” and ‘ Metamor City’. He produced Podcasts until 2015 and then made the jump into writing stories on It was just mostly blog posts about his struggles with his family and some other random thoughts here or there.

He got his started writing Sci-fi and Fantasy anthologies and publications in 2010. He wrote for the ‘Dirty Magick: New Orleans’, ‘Tales of a Tesla Ranger: A Tribute to PG Holyfield’, and ‘Flagship Science Fiction and Fantasy – February 2012’. He then started writing actual books such as ‘The Ginne Dare’ series, ‘The Esho St. Claire’ mysteries, ‘Bitter Release‘, and ‘Far and away’. Sorcha has always been a prolific and consistent writer.

As far as I can tell in 2016 he just stopped writing completely. Again, he stuck to just writing personal blog posts, but I find this post he wrote about the election of Donald Trump ironic in hindsight.

“We elected Donald John Trump as president in November of last year. I write those words, less to tell you what you already know, and more to make it real to me. This whole thing still feels a bit like a dream in a two bit horror novel.”

Sorcha is so oblivious to his own faults as a man that he couldn’t look in the mirror. If he had, Sorcha might have been able to avoid the drama that was to come.

The Birth of Sorcha Rowan

Sorcha's avatar on Goodreads - A pretty woman in her twenties with honey blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sorcha’s avatar on Goodreads. Question who is this lady? And does she know what Scott did with her images?

After Sorcha “Came Out” in July. He scrubbed a lot of his history as Sorcha Rowan. I had to piece everything together (and again with the help of my anon source) to have a clear picture of his rise and fall. This is by no means complete. According to his WordPress blog, his first post was in 2018 and in shortly after published one of their earlier books as Sorcha Rowan ‘Dancing with Calamity’ which was a short F/F novella.

Again, Sorcha is a prolific writer, and they wrote a good deal of Erotica short stories and novellas during this time. Books such as ‘ Pan Sexual’, ‘Closest Encounters’, ‘The Chase’. While all the while presenting himself as a white cis queer woman writing ‘own voices’ books. There are also quite a few of his books which are self-insert stories about his erotic adventures with another author named Aimee.

Which, in hindsight, is gross because he admits outright in his ‘coming out’ post that he’s married and his wife’s name is not “Aimee” and has zero idea of what he is doing online. But again, I got more to say about that later.

Back to Sorcha’s writing career. It is one thing to use a pen name, but it is another as you can see to take up space, make connections, and get tons of opportunity meant for queer women when you are in fact a cis queer man. This is exactly what he did. He published his books both on Amazon and then later on, and unlike his personal account, Sorcha’s stories became extremely popular.

In two years, this man created a successful writing career, hobnobbing with some of the best writers in the F/F erotica community. Yet, in July 2020, Sorcha decided to finally come clean and then all hell would break loose.

The Predator

Sorcha in his now infamous coming outpost (which I sporked on Patreon) on his blog states that the reason for his pseudonym is that he wanted to write sapphic erotica and knew that it would be better to market his stories if he posed as a queer woman. Unfortunately, Sorcha had a more sinister purpose.

For those of you still with me, here’s why I chose the pen name “Sorcha Rowan’.. Would you really buy lesbian erotica from a dude? Probably not. There you go. I chose a female pen name for the same reason many SF authors chose a male pen name (and many erotica authors chose a female pen name, unless they’re writing gay erotica). I also wanted my pen name and the persona attached to it to be as far away from the “real” me as possible. Or so I thought.

He used his connections among the F/F erotica community to prey on queer women. Sorcha would often harass other authors with unwanted sexual advances, He was sexting and catfishing women (although he denies that it was catfishing).  One accuser said that Sorcha gaslit and borderline threatened her to get what he wanted.

The reason Sorcha could get away with all of this for so long is that the Romance and Erotica genres often run under a code of anonymity. It’s just not just about being outed as queer, it’s the threat of losing your job, custody of your children, the alienation from your entire family. Anonymity is a way to keep our community safe.

We as a community have to blindly trust that people who we support to by giving them money, boosting their buy links, or reccing their books to family and friends are the people they say are.  Let’s be clear: No one completely shares everything about our lives, but again we have to trust that the stuff that you do reveal is true. Then to further abuse that trust by sexually preying on an already marginalized community is undeniably monstrous.

The Aftermath

The same woman in the earlier with makeup and highlights in her hair.

Sorcha profile picture for her now defunct website.

Sorcha Rowan is dead. Sorcha took all of his books down off of Amazon and their Author page has been deleted. Sorcha deleted their website (but their original WordPress blog is still up), all of their social media has been deleted, and the Medium account has been deactivated. Sorcha did most of this in less than 24 hours. He went even so far to delete some shit off of Wayback Machine. He’s also doing freelance for Tik Tok support. 

Sorcha really thought if he could erase every inch of his online trail and that he could reemerge as Scott Roche Fantasy and Sci-Fi writer. The thing is, as many an asshole author before him, Scott underestimated the Erotica community. Anyone who knows Romancelandia knows that Romance is full of lawyers. It’s one of the constant inside jokes. Similarly, Erotica writers are full of dedicated professionals from different fields. They are just kinker than their sibling genre. Again, there are tons of overlap between the Romance and Erotica communities. Hell, I write both Romance and Erotica my damn self so I know what I’m talking about.

The Erotica community shortly found his alternate name (which is actually his legal name) pretty quickly and his alternate accounts. The thing is, this could have some real-life consequences for Scott.

His wife has a Twitter account, and all someone had to do was to DM screencaps of these accusations to his wife.

Both of his identities as both Sorcha Rowan and Scott Roche have a scarlet mark forever on them. We are watching him and we won’t forget this. However, “Cancel Culture” is not real, and it’s possible that he will wait six months and Scott will try this shit again under a new pseudonym.

So I wrote this post. This is why ‘The Monthly Tea’ exists. It’s to shine a light on the abusers and con artists in our community. Sorcha pissed me off because this is my community. I am a sapphic erotica writer and he screwed over my people. If you know anything about me,  you know that I believe the duty “policing” (for the lack of another term) our community is on us. Abusers can only thrive in the dark.



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