Transcriber’s Note: Thanks to Fadwa @wordwoonders on twitter for taking screenshots. This post was originally posted on Sorcha Rowan’s official author site that is now gone along with a majority of Sorcha’s internet trail. Scott Roche revealed his actual name by trying to use it as a sockpuppet to defend Sorcha’s actions and by using it as a public name Scott Roche. I only use the information that was revealed by the authors themselves. I will be sporking this post but it will be only available on Patreon.

Coming Out
by Soracharownauthor on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for some time now. Some of you already know what I’m going to say because I’ve already told some of you. Some of you have no doubt suspected or known for quite some time.

Sorcha Rowan is a pen name.

Okay, I think you ALL knew that one.

Here’s what I am

  • I am bisexual.
  • I am a parent of three children.
  • I have been married for 25+ years.
  • am in the IT field.
  • I am a TREMENDOUS flirt.
  • I’m tall as fuck.

Here’s what I am not. It’s much shorter list.

* I am not a woman (ETA neither cis, nor trans since someone was confused) 

I’ve already lost some of you. You’ve closed this window and unfollowed me. That’s fine. You won’t be the first. You won’t be the last.

For those of you still with me, here’s why I chose the pen name “Sorcha Rowan’ . Would you really buy lesbian erotica from a dude? Probably not. There you go. I chose a female pen name for the same reason many SF authors chose a male pen name (and many erotica authors chose a female pen name, unless they’re writing gay erotica). I also wanted my pen name, and the persona attached to it to be as far away from the “real” me as possible. Or so I thought.

See, a funny thing happened on the way to this post. I found out a lot about myself over the past two years. I’m more like “Sorcha” than I thought. I’m brash. I’m sexy. I love sexting. I love sending nudes of myself (something you’re suddenly less interested in getting from me, yes). I’m much, MUCH kinkier than even I knew. It’s been an eye opening experience on a number of levels. You can try living on social media as woman for two years. You’ll ‘see’ , I suspect.

So, why am I’m choosing to come out now? On a purely practical level, it’s been hard to keep the wall up. I have to remember who knows and who doesn’t. I have to decide who to let in and who I am not comfortable trusting yet. I also built an audience who knows who I am and they like my stuff and can recommend it to others hopefully based on what’s between the pages.

There’s more to it, though. There’s been an emotional toll. I’ve caused people to think I’m catfish. I have further in sexting than I should without being open and honest about who I am. While my intention has never been to hurt anyone, it’s still happened. So, here I am. This is me.

If you’re still following me, please continue to refer to me as Sorcha. I won’t be opening the door to my real identity for reasons some of you can understand. You still use the she/her pronoun if you wish. I don’t know how to handle that moving forward. You can call me goddess or mistress or god or master or hey you. Whatever makes you comfortable.

I hope you’ve stuck with me so far and that this little admission hasn’t made you think less than me or made you less likely to read my work. If it has, well that’s a pill I have to swallow. It’s worth far more for me to be honest about I am than it is to have an audience based on a lie that’s gone on too long. Thank you for your time.

S. Rowan.






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