Georgina. Kiersten is not my real name. Hell, it’s not even my first pen name or pseudonym that I have used. I have been using pen names as long as I could remember. I never liked my real name, so I always on the lookout for a name that was just as unique and awesome as I am!

Yet, I will not lie: coming up with the right name is super hard! It takes time and effort and you probably won’t stick with your brand new name for very long. It is like shopping for a new pair of shoes; you got to try on many pairs of shoes to get the right ones for you. And even after the purchase, you might still change your mind!

Don’t worry, because your old pal Georgina got some great tips and tricks on how to find the right pen name for you!

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How to choose the right persona for you?

I’m not talking about becoming a whole different person like you are an actor in a movie. It’s about inspecting who you are as a person and taking a few attributes from your personality that you love and creating a style based on that. For example, I’m a lot of things but I’m loud and opinionated.  This is not everything that I am. But the persona I chose showed my readers those parts of myself.

Knowing this persona intimately will help you get an idea of what you are looking for in a pen name. It will give you a better idea of what names will work and what will not work.

What country or language origin do you want your name to be from?

Most of my pennames come from two languages: Gaelic and French. It’s two languages that I have a good attachment to although I don’t speak either language. When searching for names, I always go straight to names in that Language.

My main pen name is Gigi Kiersten. It’s a name that has grown on me so much that I have more attachment to it than my actual real legal name. Georgina Kiersten is just a divertive name to separate my Graphic Design and Blogging Businesses from my books.

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Sometimes, how it’s spelled out on paper does not resemble how it is pronounced orally.

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Do you need a theme for a pseudonym ?

No, absolutely not! Pseudonyms can have a consistent theme that is connected to what genre you are writing (and I would like to point out that some authors have a different pen name for each genre they write in). For me though, my constant theme is that one name has to mean “Black” or “Dark”. It’s a personal nod to being a black person to show my pride in my blackness.

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What resources do you use to pick out a name?

Behind the Name, Random Generator is the best Generator on the internet. I use it all the time to pick out names for my characters! If you are using an American or British name, I would also suggest going through census records especially if you are writing historical fiction.

If you want to know how a name is pronounced I would suggest They came to rescue with pronouncing some difficult names. My biggest suggestion though? Check out your favorite baby name sites (if you are not already using them to name your characters you are missing out)!

[Tweet “BIG WARNING: Cross-reference your names for their meaning. One baby name or generator will say one thing and the next resource will say the other. Always go by the group consensus on what the names mean. You could literally think a name means ‘Beautiful’ and it could mean ‘Ugly Cow’.”]

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Can I use these guidelines for naming my characters?

Absolutely! I have used one or two of these guidelines when I name my characters.  If you use these tips not only can you find an awesome pseudonym but you give your character’s fantastic names.

Do you use a pseudonym? If so, then tell me the story behind your chose your name!  Also, if you have any suggestions for any tools, I have missed let me know!

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How to Choose the Right Pseudonym (Pen Name) for You Are you an Author that has made the decision to to use a pseudonym or pen name for your next book? You don't know where to start? Check out these helpful tips to make the process that much easier. #writing #authors #pseduonym #pennames


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