Allure: Book 1 of The Allure LTD Series  (Book Cover)

Not Your Typical Escort Service!

Torrance Richardson is a black non-binary person in desperate straits after they’re fired from their job. When their roommate first suggests that Torrance come to work for Allure Limited, an escort company, they’re skeptical. Torrance is running out of options, though, and despite their reservations, they begin work as an escort.

It’s not long before Torrance discovers that they will not be working as a usual prostitute, and Allure Limited is not your typical escort service.. Allure deals not only in sex but also in dangerous secrets. If those secrets fall into the wrong hands, they could shake the highest echelons of power.

Can Torrance go back to their mundane life, or are they forever part of this perilous new world?

Contains: Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB) Non-binary main character, sex workers who don’t want or need to be saved, lesbian sex, dirty talk, heterosexual, fuckbuddies, no romance, empowerment through sex work, and unfortunately more plot than sex.

  • Spanking 
  • Dirty Talk 
  • Power Imbalances 

Coming Soon In January 2021

Table of Contents 

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