More to Love by Georgina Kiersten

A M/M Plus Size Interracial Romance 

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An Unexpected Love

For Jamir Cunnigham, a relationship is the last thing on his mind.  After inheriting his grandparent’s bookstore, Jamir has been completely focused on running the business. And if he’s lonely, that was between him and the books. Yet, from the moment Emmy Park walked into his life, Jamir was immediately captivated by the plus-size Korean.

A Fresh Start

After his recent divorce, former Olympic Wrestler Emerson “Emmy” Park moved to Texas to get a fresh start. After taking a job as an assistant wrestling coach at a nearby university, he stumbles across  Jamir’s bookstore. Emmy is instantly attracted to Jamir. Unfortunately, he is big and burly with a resting bitch face and thinks he has zero chance with the gorgeous Black man. However, when a sudden encounter shows them how good they can be together. Is the simmering attraction between them enough for them to see past their differences and finally give in to their desires?

‘More To Love’ s a short and sweet m/m romance book featuring bookstores, coffee shops, plus-size main characters, bisexual couples, sapphic side characters, autumn feels, and Black/Asian romances.

Before reading this book you should take a moment to read the content warnings below:

  • Implied Sexism

  • Divorce

  • Mild Biphobia

  • Implied Homophobia (briefly)

  • Financial Issues (Bankruptcy)

  • Mild Stalking

  • Storms


Emmy gritted his teeth at the pair of eyes boring into his back. He huffed under his breath and then cursed as his knees knocked into the tiny table. Emmy tried to adjust his long legs to find a comfortable position, but he knew from the many times he had sat there before that it was impossible.

He tightened his hands around his tattered paperback and tried to let the familiar words inside calm him, but it was a hard thing to do when he knew someone was watching him. Emmy should be used to it. He was a freaking giant of a man with a resting bitch face. He had been told by his ex-wife that it could curdle milk.

With a put-upon sigh, Emmy set his book on the table and turned to see if he could find the source of his annoyance. His gaze traveled around the bookstore. Even though it was lunchtime, it wasn’t all that busy. It was the reason he preferred to spend his lunches here instead of at some trendy cafe or restaurant.

The bookstore was on the smaller side. The walls were painted with brightly colored murals depicting Black people reading in various poses. Tall, dark wooden bookshelves and tables that were stacked full of books crowded comfortingly around the center of the store. In between the bookshelves were cozy overstuffed chairs and sofas.

He immediately discovered a Black man trying to hide in the nearby stacks. Emmy lifted an eyebrow, he should have known it would be him. From the moment Emmy stepped into the Ogbon Bookstore, this man had been on his radar. “Beautiful” was the first thing that popped into his mind when Emmy had seen him. The man sported a short afro and had dark brown eyes framed by thick black glasses, a neatly trimmed beard, and the most luscious, full lips Emmy had ever seen.

And now, just like all the other times, Emmy had caught his watcher. The man’s eyes went comically wide, and with an adorable “meep,” he spun on his heel and hurried away. Emmy groaned and rubbed his forehead.

  • Black/Korean Relationship 
  • Bi4Bi Couple 
  • Grumpy/Sunshine 
  • One Bed (Sofa) 
  • Geek/Jock 
  • Fat Postitive Romance 
  • Wrestling Coach Main Character
  • Bookstore Owner Main Character
  • Low Angst 
  • Princess Bride References
  • Pride and Prejudice References 
  • Sapphic Side Couples

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Can you please request my book at your local library? This will make my book more accessible to low-income readers and it really supports me as an author. Thank you in advance!


A plus size Korean man smirking at a bemused Black man holding a book in front of a bookshelf. Paperback and phone mockup - More to Love by Georgina Kiersten

eBook ISBN: 9798215813409

Paperback ISBN: 9798223551188

Amazon ASIN: B0BS1T5GX4

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