When we were little girls, we often dreamed of being a princess.  Our mothers at night would read us fairy tales of faraway lands, all the while we would dream of the day where Prince charming would ride in on his white horse and rescue us from our humdrum existence.

Yet,  what if instead, you are a little boy who just likes other boys? Where is your place in this fairytale?

The answer to that question until recently was that you didn’t have a place at all.   Red, White, and Royal Blue is part of a crop of new books that are busting down glass walls right into the mainstream. Casey McQuiston’s new book did the impossible for a gay romance: it rocketed to top the ‘New York Times Best Seller’s List’.

What the Book is About?

Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston

This book is part fairytale, part political intrigue, and all rom-com.  In a world where Donald Trump is not our President, and we instead elected a competent, compassionate woman named Ellen Claremont‌. The story revolves around her son Alex Claremont-Diaz. He is a biracial Latinx man who just finished graduated from Georgetown University with dreams of one day following into his parent’s footsteps to become a Congressman.

Meanwhile,  Henry is the Prince of Wales who because of his station in life and the machinations of the Queen is forced into being a closeted gay man. Being so closed in age and both the son of powerful people, they were often are compared against each other. That comparison bred a rivalry that during the 2020 presidential campaign grows into love.

Red, White, and Royal Blue is a new fantastic twist on an old romance and fairytale trope that is chocked full of diversity and inclusion.  Each character is vibrant and so full of life that they literally pop off to the page: June, the big sister who is trying her hardest to get out of her mother’s presidential shadow, the data nerd and granddaughter of the Vice-President Nora, Percy (Pez) who is a black manic pixie dream boy, Bea the princess who had a past drug addiction. The list goes on and on. So much diversity from so many races and we also get many intersections from the LGBTQ community.


Why Should You Read This Book?

Red, White, & Royal Blue Book CoverThe heart of this book is about how Alex and Henry, these two very different people who are in similar circumstances going from being adversaries to friends and then finally into lovers Their love story is both sweet and heartbreakingly real without losing its humour.  Not to mention, Alex and Henry’s sex scenes are smoking hot!

Amongst all that, McQuiston’s gives us a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat but still somehow mirrors a lot of the issues that we still have in American politics today without it being too preachy.  At the core, the messages of about what family means,  and about having the courage to accept yourself no matter what obstacles you might have.

This book is as close to flawless as any book can get to.  McQuiston wrote a book that caught me from beginning to end that always left me wanting more! Red, White, and Royal blue is a gay romance book that deserves all the accolades and shows that queer people don’t have to comprise who they are to get their very own happily ever after.

You can find out more about Casey McQuiston by visiting her website or following her on Twitter, and Instagram.

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