A M/M Dark Vampire Erotica 

heat linebreak

In a dark tale of vengeance and deceit, Hunter Baltasar Kristofersson embarks on a treacherous mission to avenge the heinous murder of his beloved family. His path to retribution lies in the seduction of the dreaded vampire king, Izúl But. Baltasar must tread cautiously, for Izúl is not just a formidable adversary, but a mastermind of cunning wit who senses the faintest scent of ulterior motives. In a high-stakes game of shadows, Baltasar’s determination only is matched by the peril that awaits him. Will he outsmart the dangerous predator, finding justice for his kin, or will he too succumb to the Izúl’s seductive darkness?



Before reading this book you should take a moment to read the content warnings below:

    • Dubious consent

    • Bad BDSM etiquette

    • Informal Dom/sub

    • Non-consensual blood drinking

    • Spanking

    • Verbal humiliation

    • Non-consensual turning.

    • Blood play


It took no time at all for Baltasar to finish removing his clothes and let Izîl’s eyes trail over his naked body, his gaze ravenous as he took in every detail of the human’s form. Baltasar laid back in bed the cool satin of the duvet felt glorious on his bare skin, so he spread his legs wide.

Izîl licked his lips and then he was a blur of movement. The next thing he knew the vampire King was standing bare in front of him and Baltasar felt his breath caught at the sight of him. He was a Greek Adonis made real. Broad shoulders, firm chest, thick toned thighs, and large muscular arms. His eyes traveled down to his groin and the vampire’s penis was just as perfect as the rest of him.

It was thick and long, but not monstrously so. Baltasar’s mouth watered and he had the sudden urge to leap from the bed and put his mouth on it. Izîl seemed to sense his want and crossed the distance between. Baltasar looked up to meet his eyes.

‘Like what you see?’

Baltasar, mouth dry, only nodded. Izîl climbed on the bed, and Baltasar couldn’t help but groan as the hard weight of the vampire pressed him into the mattress. It hardly registered before he was being kissed again. He moaned, rocking up into him and their cocks rubbing against each other.

‘God, you’re so wet.’ Izîl murmured languid against his lips before plundering his mouth in a hard kiss.


  • Black Man/White Man
  • Interracial Relationship
  • Hunter/Vampire 
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Black Vampires