The Bipartisan Affair by Georgina Kiersten - Book Cover

A Secret That Can Destroy Them Both

When you were the son of Republican Mayor Amanda Kelly appearances are everything.  Tristan Kelly learned that the hard way when he realized that there was no room in his “perfect” family for a bisexual son that loved to dance. The moment he turned eighteen he fled his small hometown of Evermore, Texas.  

Tristan is forced to come back eight years later when his brother suddenly dies, leaving behind their non-binary child Jordan in the care of his religiously conservative mother.  Amanda gives him a deal: play the part of the perfect son or risk losing all access to his nibling.  Yet, when Tristan meets his mother’s sexy political rival Democrat Lukas Haddad he can’t quite resist the lure of the charming gray hair politician. Tristan knows that he could lose Jordan if anyone finds out about their secret affair, but he can’t quite stay away from Lukas.    


  • Misgendering 
  • Child Neglect and Implied Child Abuse 
  • Biphobia 
  • Implied Anti-Semticism 

This book will be published on November 3, 2020.  More author notes to come!  

Table of Contents

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