I‌ never thought that this book would get so personal. Honestly, ‌I‌ have always wanted to write a book but I felt like I wasn’t good enough. ‌I‌ have everything going against me: I’m black, I’m non-binary, and I’m borderline dyslectic. I thought ‘No one wants to read a book from an author like that.’

For decades, that thought more or less kept me from pursuing my dreams. And as my own fight with my own disabilities got worse, the dream of one day writing a book got farther and farther away.

Then one day, Kevin‌ Sorbo, whose biggest claim to fame was that he played Hercules in a campy 90’s tv show ‘Hercules the Legendary Journeys.“‌ ‌decided to come out as a racist and that devastated me.

Although In hindsight, the show was nowhere near as accurate as I thought; both historically and mythologically. But for someone who already loved mythology and folklore as a kid, this show was EVERYTHING to me! I‌ was literally inconsolable when Iolaus (Hercules’s sidekick)‌was killed off the show. Lucky for me, Iolaus (Michael Hurst)‌ eventually came back.

Some of my favourite actors today got their big break on the show like Karl Urban and Gina Torres who both became series regulars.

Kevin Sorbo Is A Right-Wing Nut Job

Unfortunately for me, ‌when the money stopped coming in for Sorbo, Both he and his wife Sam (who played his love interest Serena on the show)‌ decided to turn a new leaf and become right-wing nut jobs. They both been in such illustrious Christian propaganda films as ‘Let There Be Light’,God’s Not Dead’, and ‘Joseph and Mary’. 

Yet, the cherry on the top of the fuckery sundae is that both Kevin Sorbo and his wife are enthusiastic Trump supporters.

Up until recently, I was just willing to throw the Sorbos into the white trash rubbish bin and walk away.

Unfortunately for me, The Sorbos wouldn’t be my only 90s fave who turned out to be complete and utter garbage. Dean Cain who was the first person of colour (he’s 3/8th’s Japanese) to play Superman in ‘Lois and Clark:‌The New Adventures of Superman’ followed the same path as Sorbo. Along with that, Melissa Joan Hart who played a plucky witch in Sabrina the Teenage Witch is anti-semitic as hell.

Then, Sorbo decided to attack feminists by calling us out for dragging former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It was the final straw for me and I replied to his tweet: “I would serve you right if I wrote a book about a queer black Hercules and tag you in it.”

I realized a few things: Hercules, as was the custom for greek men back then, was bisexual and quiet possibly had more than a little black in him.

I couldn’t get a bigger sign from the universe that this book needed to be written.

Say Goodbye to Old Hercules and say Hello to New Hercules

Then as good writing does sometimes, the book started to quickly come together. I knew I wanted to set this book in modern times and then I realized I could play a lot with the idea of reincarnation. ‌What if the greatest Hero of Greek Mythology was reborn into the modern world?

From then on, the shape of the book started to take form and before I knew it I‌ had my two main characters:‌Dion Kincade and Tomas Ortiz.

Muscular man in tight black outfit standing with arms crossed. Crossfit guy at the gym.
Major Dion Kincade

Dion is a former‌ Army Ranger who has a hair-trigger temper and is a bit of asshole. He’s straight-laced, a closeted bisexual who is desperate to keep his image of a hyper-masculine ladies man.

man; portrait; young; hair; beauty; face; fashion; model; black; studio; curly; handsome; person; guy; serious; one; isolated; people; white; casual; boy; happy; expression; dude; pretty; skater; hip; hipster; fit
Tomas Ortiz

Tomas is a graduate student at Rice University in Houston. He is a gay history geek who loves everything to do with mythology and folklore. ‌ He’s a bit of a hipster and believes in being true to yourself no matter what.

And if this sounds like I ripped the characters off from the 90’s tv show ‘The Sentinel’, you wouldn’t be wrong! But I promise these characters only resemble Jim Ellis and ‌Blair Sandburg only on the surface. They are diffidently their own characters even now in the early stages of pre-writing this book.

In a way, what I’m hoping to do is not only give a twist to the very old and beloved tale of Hercules. I also want to show all the queer people like me who grew up hoping for a hero that truly represents them:‌ that you can be queer, badass, and in the end still save the day.

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Author G.G. Kiersten puts a new modern queer twist on one of the most infamous heroes from Greek Myth, Hercules for her new book 'Legendary'. #books #amwriting #writing #hercules #greekmyth #urbanparanormal #mmromance

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