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Georgina Kiersten is a black non-binary author born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. They were the oldest of two siblings and their mother a single parent working as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Growing up, Georgina had a learning disability and was a delayed reader. Thanks to the 2nd-grade teacher, Georgina was given their first books and a fierce love reading was born.

They read everything from the Little Golden Brown books to the ‘Babysitter’s Club’ by Ann M. Martin. It wasn’t until their senior year of high school that they read their very first romance novel and fell in love with the genre. The very same year, on a whim they took a creative writing course as elective and learned how to take those stories that have always been in their head and put them on paper.

Yet, as an adult they went from job to job, Transcriptionist, Customer Service Agent, Pharmacy Aid, and Graphic Designer. Unfortunately, writing for them had become a struggle as their disabilities worsen with times and they struggled off and on to write all through for over a decade. It wasn’t until 2018 when they decided to write a Harry Potter fanfiction called ‘Playing Hero’ that they realized that could finish a story and then the next year Georgina read ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’ by Casey McQuiston and discovered that there was truly a place for the diverse stories they wanted to write. Georgina then chose to become a professional author and hasn’t looked back.

Mission Statement 

Georgina believes that everyone no matter their shape, size, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity deserves to not only see themselves in the media they consume but to have their own happily ever after. With that in mind, Georgina’s mission is to make the publishing industry (especially LGBTQ+ romance) a more equal and just place for marginalized people.

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