Note: I had planned to publish this on my birthday, but due to a glitch with wordpress wasn’t published. So, I’m publishing it today. My birthday for the record is October 25th. Now on, with the show!

I’m 35 today! it’s freaking to surreal that I’m 5 years until 40. And yes, people over 40 are probably laughing their asses off, but it’s a big milestone for me. I never thought 5 years ago that my life could change so much in such a short amount of time and it makes me wonder what 40 for me would look like,.

In honor of the day, I decided to tell you 10 random things you don’t know about me.

Author Georgina Kiersten


1. I’m the Oldest of Three Kids

My mom was a single parent. My biological dad was in and out of my life until he got a life sentence in prison. So I was the oldest of three sisters. In hindsight, I was a terrible big sister even though I had a lot of responsibility thrust on me as a kid. I was a selfish child, and I didn’t quite get over I had to share my mother with my little sisters.

2. My Mom is my Best Friend.

My mom and I have always been close. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up and she was my first friend even though she could be strict with me sometimes. As an adult, that relationship has evolved into a tight friendship. We confide to each other about almost everything. My mother has been my biggest supporter (she was the first one to tell me I should make a go at getting published) and never hesitate to call me on my bullshit.

3. I Watch Kid Shows for Kicks

I have five children and that limits what type of shows you can watch with them. They grew up on a steady diet of Nick and Disney junior shows. As a result, I watched a lot of those shows and grew to like a lot of them. My favorite kid show is The Backyardigans and Blue Clues. Although, ironically I can’t stand a lot of live shows that are targeted towards Teens. As I like to say, “I hated most teenagers, even when I was a teenager.”

4. I Have Eclectic Tastes In Music

From Aerosmith to Bach, I have always had a fairly elective taste in music. It introduced me to a lot of music by movie soundtracks. I would rewind the end credits of movies repeatedly to listen to the songs I like. My parents were very disapproving of Rock Music (still are actually) and I had to used to sneak playing the local rock station. My parents got over it, eventually. Right now my favorite artists are Lizzo, Labrinyth, K.Flay, Billie Ellish, and Misterwives.

5. I Played Different Instruments as a Kid

Once I hit middle school, I started out in ladies’ basketball and my parents thought that basketball could be a great way to get scholarships for college because I’m 5’11, I’m fairly tall for someone assigned female at birth. However, I never had an interest in sports and quickly got bored with it. I dropped out next semester and joined the school orchestra and fell in love with the violin. My ADHD once again got a hold of me the next year, and I cycled through other instruments: Viola, Cello, Bass, Trombone. In high school, I switched from instruments to the choir. I have a habit of singing out loud to myself at the drop of a hat and my mom noticed and thought it would be a good fit. I eventually dropped out the Choir in my Junior year. Ironies of ironies though, my two oldest kids go to that same school. The oldest, Nikki played violin in the orchestra and my second oldest Faye is in the choir.

Author Georgina Kiersten


6. I Was a Delayed Reader and Writer

I won the disability lottery from a young age. I had a learning disability that carried through all 12 years of schooling and as a result; I was a delayed reader. I didn’t learn how to read until around I was in  2nd or 3rd grade. I will never forget that for Christmas my teacher Mrs. Crow gave Golden Little Brown books, and it really gave me an enduring love of reading. Again ironically, it was another teacher Mrs. Bird who was my English teacher in middle school and then in my senior year as she became my creative writing teacher. She taught me what to do with the stories I had been swirling in my head my entire life. I would never become a writer without her encouragement. I still have somewhere her signature from my yearbook, “To Keep On Writing.”

7. All of My Friends Are on the Internet

Call me a loser! I already certified as a loser already and I don’t really care. But all of my friends are on the internet. I got two close friends Tris and Sydney (hi, guys) and my partner Starr. I tend to not do very well with large friends groups in both my real life and on the internet. All of my friends are people I met in fandom by way of Facebook (of all places) I’m not ashamed of my internet friends, I’m proud of them! My friends have been through everything with me. From the birth of my children through my various mental breakdowns. They have more than proven themselves to be true friends.

8. I Read more Fanfic Than Original Books

Before I discovered fandom, I was into Harlequin’s books. I spent ten long years reading every trashy bodice ripper known to man. I remember I used to scour the Goodwill for books and even trade them at my local bookshop. However, I was never quite the same after I found fandom. For a very long time, I lost any real interest in original books and dived into the rabbit hole. Now, it’s not saying I didn’t read books. I love good non-fiction, and I’m a true-crime and historical book junky down to my very soul! But original books for a very long time couldn’t hold my attention as fanfiction did. Now, I’m slowly prying myself out of the rabbit hole and I started reading LGBT romances. Although I got this new leash on my reading life, I will never completely give up my habit of reading fanfiction. I’ll probably be reading fanfic until the day I die.

9. I’m A Bit of Fashionista

99% of the time, I’m at home and I literary pick up clothes off the floor sniff it to see if it’s clean and put it on. But when I’m out and about I dress to impress always.  I’m a bit of fashionista or as I like to say ‘fatshionista’. I love clothes and the act of putting together a good outfit. I actually ran a fashion blog called Fiercely Fat for two years. I’m considering starting a new blog called Mixie Match. Fashion to me is not vain capitalism run amok, it’s an art form and a way to express yourself.

10. I Hate Confrontations

In real life, I’m the stereotypical quiet introvert. I stick to myself, and %100 prefer to be at home than in any other place.  I ALWAYS got a pair of headphones on to drown the world around me when I need to. I’m neurodivergent, and for me, my headphones are not a necessity, but for me it totally is. So, I hate getting into fights, and they often leave me in tears. Although, in a weird contradiction I have and will get into arguments when people cross a line with me. Online, rather than get into drawn out and long fights I just block people. And just because I block people, those fights stay with me just as long as the real-life ones. I go over them again and again until my brain finally is tired of it.

And that is 10 things you didn’t know about me. Do you have any questions for me? Ask me, and I will try to answer them.

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