Happy Early Valentines Day! I thought since this is the month for Romance that I would give you this email newsletter early. First of all, I am like usual busy, busy, busy! I am working hard on my current projects and on my future projects. This month I am concentrating on ‘A Princely Problem’.

I wrote 16, 000 words and I realized that I have outgrown the draft. Don’t be alarmed this often happens when my characters decide to go off script. This is the 2nd draft and oh my god I have learned a lot about my characters. So now, I have to rearrange everything, re-outline this book, and redo the blurb.

I plan on writing the 3rd Draft in April while I’m working on my Rian Fox projects in March. I am going to use this month to strengthen my draft, work on the things that need to be fixed, and just have fun. I am not giving a definitive date of when this project will be finished because I have learned my lesson about that with ‘The Bipartisan Affair’.

I am just enjoying the ride and see where it takes me. I still plan on publishing the unpolished version on my website. I actually restructured my website to where I have two subdomains. One for my story archive ‘The Magnificent Engine’ and my blog ‘Booked and Busy‘.

All of my old blog posts are on ‘Booked and Busy’ and you should see it. The new website theme is quiet frankly awesome and I am pretty happy with it. I am just working on the archive and then I plan on using the main Georginakiersten.com website as a landing page and a shop for the polished versions of my stories. I know that it sounds super complicated but this actually makes my life a lot easier.

You will also notice that I’m the process of rebranding everything. I have outgrown my imperial purple brand and I want to do something a little different. I have a new logo and everything. I have also changed my Twitter username and will change my Facebook and Pinterest.

So, yes! I am busy, busy, busy! Thanks so much for supporting me and being part of this journey in making Queer Romance a little more diverse.

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