You know that I love you. You make it possible for me to further my mission in making the LGBTQ+ romance world more beautifully diverse. By god, it’s been a long year full of changes, full of heartbreak, lost, but more than anything tiny spots of joy. For me, writing diverse LGBTQ+ romance is a way to spread joy to all those people who more than ever need to hope. Hope that not only love and acceptance is just around the corner, but that one day there will be a better day.

In October, I told you about the tarot readers I went to see. I had a crisis of faith. I didn’t believe that I was making an impact in my activism for Black LGBTQ+ romance and its readers (which I to be both). I am one of the few people in the community who center black voices in the LGBTQ+ romance sub-genres, and sometimes that feels like a thankless job.

But my tarot reader told me something: “Believe the good things people tell you.” They were so many of you who told me both in subtle and outright ways that I was making a difference. I was telling them after years of being ignored that their voices and happily ever afters matter.

Listening to you really made me see that this is my calling. And I wouldn’t be here going on in my two-year journey into becoming a professional author. I found out this year I do well with short fiction.

Last month, instead of doing the usual NANOWRIMO which is 50k words in 30 days, I decided to my own. I did 10k in 5 days. And I loved it, I had a blast every day, and I didn’t want to it end. I do well when my goals are short and obtainable. I thrive in not writing every day but doing one to two-week bursts and then moving on to the next project.

I am as of typing this email to you halfway into writing my debut book ‘A Princely Problem’ and GOD I am having the best time of my life writing this book.

Yet, some people would call those eight months working on ‘The Bipartisan Affair’, ‘Blood Right’, and ‘Full Circle’ a waste. Another thing my tarot reader told me that hit me hard was that these years in publishing was not waste, they were a series a lesson I had to learn about how to be a professional writer but what best writing methods are for me.

One day, I might get back to those projects but I am going to stop beating myself up for projects I dropped and just focus on the now. One day soon, my book will be on a bookshelf somewhere and I believe that now more than ever.

I just want to thank you again for sticking with me through this journey. And I hope that you continue to stick with me. I pray that 2021 just continues to open doors for both of us and that it will a better year.

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