It is almost a month out until ‘More to Love’ is out there in the world. This is my first m/m romance that I will be publishing under the Georgina Kiersten name and the first book that I have published since my debut romance ‘Fall Into You’. I just really want all of you who have stuck beside me during all of my ups and down during the last year to see that I have grown into a much better writer.

Poster frame with candles and lights with an illustration of fat Asian embracing a Black man with glasses.

I also want you to love Emmy and Jamir as much as I do.  It makes me so happy to see all of you happy and excited for this book to come out. And I wouldn’t have gotten here if it was for my friend Seth Smith who created such beautiful art for me. I am blessed that I have trans men who are collaborating with me on this book.  Seth is a Black trans man who is an award-winning illustrator and webtoon creator of Hellbound.  I also have Gabriel Hargrave, author of The Orchid and the Lion as my editor.

He is currently working on this project even while sick and I’m so blessed to have him on board.  I also have a proofreader, author Sandra Ruttan (co-founder of Dark Dispatch) as a proofreader, and Courtney Tonokawa as my sensitivity reader. This book will not be half as good without the team of people who have supported me.

Right now,  ‘More to Love’ has 88 pre-orders! This is eight more pre-orders than what I got for ‘Fall Into You’ and I would love it if I hit 90 pre-orders! Also if you pre-order right now, you will get a free print (the last free print by the way).

At this moment, I’m working on finishing up the revisions for my other book ‘Splinter’, which is a diverse Sleepy Hollow retelling. This book has been a labor of love. I spent two years working on it and I’m so glad that it’s that much closer to getting into your hands.

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