A Fat Asian Man smirking at Black Man wearing glasses and holding a book.  - More to Love by Georgina Kiersten - A Sweet Romantic Novella

An Unexpected Love

For Jamir Cunnigham, a relationship is the last thing on his mind.  After inheriting his grandparent’s bookstore, Jamir has been completely focused on running the business. And if he’s lonely, that was between him and the books. Yet, from the moment Emmy Park walked into his life, Jamir was immediately captivated by the plus-size Korean.

A Fresh Start

After his recent divorce, former Olympic Wrestler Emerson “Emmy” Park moved to Texas to get a fresh start. After taking a job as an assistant wrestling coach at a nearby university, he stumbles across Jamir’s bookstore. Emmy is instantly attracted to Jamir. Unfortunately, he is big and burly with a resting bitch face and thinks he has zero chance with the gorgeous Black man. However, when a sudden encounter shows them how good they can be together. Is the simmering attraction between them enough for them to see past their differences and finally give in to their desires?

Photo of A Black Non-binary person wearing pink leopard print glasses.  Georgina Kiersten

About The Author

Georgina Kiersten (Jasper Hyde/Rian Fox/Nexon King) is a black non-binary author who was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Living with a disability has given Georgina the ability to see the world in a unique and open way that shines through their writing. When they not writing and reading the latest books, Georgina is a graphic designer by trade and a bit of a geek diving headfirst into the fandom universe. As well as juggling five kids and two dogs.  Look for more of Georgina’s books in the future, specialized in Black-centered LGBTQ romance and erotica.

Cover of The Devil's Bargain by Rian Fox - A shirtless man with olive skin wearing a pair of devil horns and a tail.

 Something obscene, dark and deadly wants Silas and he isn’t human. Bazaduil lusts for Silas and won’t take no for an answer, even if it means tricking and seducing him. In a life where being told ‘there are no monsters,’ it will be one lie Silas will have to face. Will Silas be able to ignore Bazaduil advances or will he submit to this demon’s twisted agenda?

book cover of Splinter by Jasper Hyde. A beautiful dark skin Black woman in a orange top and leather pants standing in the middle of a spooky forest.

This Is The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Reborn…

In a small town hidden behind the hills of New York, things are far from ordinary. As Sleepy Hollow’s youngest Medical Examiner, the pressure intensifies for Dr. Drusilla Van Tassel when the headless bodies of her sister Katrina’s friends start surfacing. Meanwhile, Drusilla’s ex-lover Ichabod Crane returns to town, dredging up feelings better left buried.


Fall Into You by Georgina Kiersten (cover) A plus size back woman standing a in the woods full of fall autumn flowers.

In Appeley, for the first time ever, Imari feels welcome, happy, and unapologetically herself. She tries new things, makes brand-new friends and, while attending the fall apple festival, she accidentally bumps into a very familiar face…

Cassidy Martinez was her childhood best friend and partner in crime. Now, she has grown into a stunning, confident woman, and Imari can’t help noticing.

Should she take a risk?


A Season of Bloom

A Season of Bloom

Things have been pretty busy for me this month. I am currently in the revisions of my upcoming book 'More to Love'. The revisions are due at the end of the month. I want to take a moment to thank all of my readers for your support. This year has been hard because this...

Full Speed Ahead!

Full Speed Ahead!

There are so many things going on right now! I just don't know where to start.  First of all, I want to tell you that I'm publishing a free k-pop erotica story for newsletter subscribers and patrons called 'Turnt Up'. It's the first erotica I have published in almost...

It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

It's March and I'm still tweaking away at my revisions for my upcoming Sleepy Hollow retelling 'Splinter'.  I'm about halfway through the manuscript and I really trying to get everything together before the end of the month so I can switch back to my revisions for...