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Georgina Kiersten (Rian Fox) is a black non-binary author who was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Living with a disability has given Georgina the ability to see the world in a unique and open way that shines through their writing. When they not writing and reading the latest books, Georgina is a graphic designer by trade and a bit of a geek. They also juggle the humongous task of raising five kids and two dogs.  Look for more of Georgina’s books in the future, specialized in Black-centered LGBTQ romance and erotica.

Leon Chandler is all about playing games.

As a Black video game developer just shy of making his studio a big success, he can’t wait to progress to the next level.

Unfortunately, games come with rules, and his studio needs money to prosper. Tired of asking his rich parents to invest in his business, only to have them rub his nose in it every chance they get, Leon decides to strike a deal with investors from a huge multimedia company.

There are only two tiny problems…

One, the company owners are his parents’ neighbors and archnemeses, Felicia and Bakari Jones. Two, Leon can’t seem to stop thinking about the Black power couple in completely unprofessional ways.

He always thought he’d grow out of his teenage crush on them, but at 26, his crush is still going strong.

When Leon finds out that the Joneses are just as attracted to him and more than willing to act on it, he has a difficult decision to make.

Should he take the funds they’re offering and let them make all his fantasies come true, or do the Joneses have a secret agenda even a game master wouldn’t be able to predict?

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