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Baltasar Kristofersson is the only descendant left of the once-powerful and respected ‘Einarr’ hunting clan. It was only a chance of fate that allowed Baltasar to survive when the Asar Vampire Coven brutally murdered his entire family. Now, Baltasar has been hunting his family’s killers one by one and he finally has a chance to kill the monster responsible for all of his grief: Izîl Asar, the King of the Asar Coven.

Unfortunately, to get his revenge, it forces Baltasar to use both his charms and his body to lure Izîl into a trap. From the moment Izîl touches Baltasar’s body, the hunter seems to come alive and the line between hunter and prey becomes blurred. Baltasar only has one night to kill Izîl or possibly face his death at the hands of the seductive vampire. Yet, can Baltasar complete his mission in the face of such exquisite pleasure and pain?

Trigger Warnings 

 No Happily Ever After | Bad BDSM Etiquette | Blood Drinking | Non- Consensual Blood Drinking | Spanking | Non-Consensual Spaking | Dubious Consent | Humiluation | Verbal Humilation |

A Secret That Can Destroy Them Both

When you were the son of Republican Mayor Amanda Kelly appearances were everything. Tristan Kelly learned that the hard way when he realized that there was no room in his “perfect” family for a bisexual son that loved to dance. The moment he turned eighteen he fled Evermore. Tristan is forced to come back eight years later when his brother suddenly dies leaving their non-binary child Jordan in the care of his religiously conservative mother. Amanda gives him a deal: play the part of the perfect son or risk losing all access to his nibling. Yet, when Tristan meets his mother’s sexy political rival Lukas Haddad he can’t quite resist the lure of the charming gray hair politician. Tristan knows that he could lose Jordan if anyone finds out about their secret affair, but he can’t stay away from Lukas.

Democrat Lukas Haddad knew that running for Mayor of the small Texas town as an out gay Jewish immigrant would be an uphill battle. However, Lukas was no stranger to hard work, and he was determined to save the town from Republican Mayor Amanda Kelly. Lukas knew that Amanda Kelly was corrupt as they come, and he was determined to either prove it or beat her in the upcoming Mayoral Election. Unfortunately, when Lukas bumps into Amanda’s son Tristan at a party and despite the age difference Lukas can’t help but find himself immediately attracted to him. Yet, Lukas giving in to his forbidden desires could destroy everything that he has worked for.

Trigger Warnings 

 Emotional Child Abuse | Misgender/Transphobia | Grief Recovery | Racism and Mild Anti-Semitic 

Not Your Typical Escort Service! 

Torrance Richardson is a black non-binary person in desperate straits after they’re fired from their job. When their roommate first suggests that Torrance come to work for Allure Limited, an escort company, they’re skeptical. Torrance is running out of options, though, and despite their reservations, they begin work as an escort.

It’s not long before Torrance discovers that they will not be working as a usual prostitute, and Allure Limited is not your typical escort service.. Allure deals not only in sex but also in dangerous secrets. If those secrets fall into the wrong hands, they could shake the highest echelons of power.

Can Torrance go back to their mundane life, or are they forever part of this perilous new world?

Contains:  Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB) Non-binary main character, sex workers who don’t want or need to be saved, lesbian sex, dirty talk, heterosexual sex,, fuckbuddies, no romance, empowerment through sex work, and unfortunately more plot than sex.

Trigger Warnings 

 Spanking | Power Imbalances | 


(originally written under the usernames justaddgig and theimperialpurple)

Aster Jane Potter is a transgender witch attempting to make a normal life for herself in Gotham City. Trying to make a name for herself beyond The-Girl-Who-Lived, even to the extent of leaving her best friends Ron and Hermione in England. Unfortunately for Aster, one thing she can’t leave behind is that damn saving people thing; which has now made her a target for both the mafia and the city’s cape crusader.

Trigger Warnings 

 Temporary Character Death | Mild Torture | PTSD  | Miinor Character Death | Hurt (with little comfort) | Panic Attacks

Bruce Wayne never thought he would see Aster Jane Potter again following their disastrous first meeting. Yet after they are unexpectedly brought together again, he realizes that there is more to Aster than what meets the eye. His determination to get to the truth is sidelined as a strange virus spreads throughout Gotham. Bruce has less than 48 hours to find a cure, or the city is lost. To find a cure, he must put aside his own suspicions and work together with Aster to save Gotham before it’s too late.

Trigger Warnings 

 Mental Health Issues | Mental Instability | Mental Breakdown | Epidemics | Unresolved Sexual Attention

With Bruce balancing both being President of Wayne Industries and his secret identity as Batman. His demisexuality is the last thing that Bruce ever thought had to worry about or ever acknowledge. Yet, his point of view is challenged when Bruce is then invited to be Grand Marshall of Gotham Parade. [An Amalgamation Short]

Trigger Warnings 


After everything that happened to her in the past few months, Aster is all too happy to escape Gotham and return to England to celebrate her 28th birthday. Yet, as she is reunited with her friends Aster is confronted with her past and old emotional wounds. [An Amalgamation Interlude]

Trigger Warnings 

Accidental Deadnaming | 

Fanfiction One-shots 

(originally written under the usernames justaddgig and theimperialpurple)

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